Thursday, October 17, 2013


Autumn is arriving gently, with a little more color each day. I love the magnificence that is autumn in the midwest.

 Looking out back and across into the neighbors' yards

 My border gardens (foreground) are full of annuals that continue to bloom profusely. Out back, a few of our 29 trees...

 A small patch of mums add color to the cottage garden.

 More mums, these are intermingling with alyssum 'Snow Princess' in the border gardens.

 The beetles seem to love this mum.

 A dragonfly in the mum bed

 Obedient plant has been blooming like a champ in the rocky garden.

 The cosmos bloom from early summer till frost.

We do have COLOR, but we will have more. Peak color in our area should be this weekend. I hope to have more beauty to show you soon. As someone said, in autumn the flowers are the leaves!

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