Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Repetition in the Garden

Repetition is a design element that can be appreciated at Sunsplash Gardens.

For instance, purple coneflowers (Echinacea) repeat throughout the cottage garden.

Now that's a lotta coneflowers, eh? And this is just the cottage garden. I also have them in the border gardens. And color? Well, I only have pink ("purple") and white. I've had an orange and a yellow coneflower in the past but both succumbed to the dreaded aster yellows disease. I have lost many of the purple coneflowers to aster yellows as well, but I have so many, and they self-seed prolifically.

In the photos above, you may have noticed another repeater in my garden: monarda or beebalm. I have it growing in four spots in the cottage garden. I love how its bright color sets off the other flowers.

I also repeat larkspur. It is so pretty and self-sows very well. See it in the photo immediately above in the lower area (purple, pink, and white).

 Phlox repeat in my garden as well...if you have any, they are probably repeating for you as well. They just keep moving along! Above, 'Eva Cullem.'

 Daylilies have their own dedicated garden room that I call Daylily Junction. There are also many scattered throughout the gardens. I have close to 100 daylilies! Love them!

Do you use repetition in your garden? And if so, what plants?

AND, do you have any of these little sweethearts in your yard?
This baby robin left the nest today. There are two still in the nest and I'm sure they will be moving along soon.


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