Monday, July 21, 2014

The garden is peaking!

My garden is at its best in July. Lots of echinacea, hemerocallis, monarda, larkspur, zinnias, balsam, phlox,'s all here. I love this time of year at Sunsplash Gardens.

 View from above - evening

 Image from the border gardens

 Also in the border gardens - just to the north of the previous photo. Notice the two types of coreopsis? On the left is 'Zagrebe' and on the right 'Moonbeam.'

 A little bouquet for my potting bench

 I am always pleased when I see honeybees in the gardens. I don't see many.  :(
We do have lots of other bees though.

 Presenting 'White Temptation' in the moon garden
Moon gardens are all white and they seem to glow as the light of day dims.

 'Perfect Pink Princess'

This is not an ordinary 'Startle;' note there are two blooms fused together here.

 'Jungle Beauty'

 'Gentle Shepherd'

 'Red Plum Stripe'

 Wilson seedling - unnamed - if I were to name it, it'd be 'Neon' something.

 Ron's favorite daylily - these blossoms are HUGE. Name not known

 'Inner Destiny'

"When I grow up, I'm gonna be a monarch butterfly!"

It's July in the gardens!


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