Sunday, July 27, 2014

Daylily Junction

Daylilies are one of my favorite flowers, and Garden Room "Daylily Junction" is where many hemerocallis reside and thrive. It's at its' very best right now. Take a look; let's go for a little walk in the Junction.

Numerous daylilies, liatris, a spruce, our potting shed and the neighbor's barn-shaped garden shed

Such color! The mulch is pine straw, which I rake up in various locations in the fall.

Looking pretty: 'Janice Brown'

Elegant 'Catherine Woodbury'

Name not known

'Perfect Pink Princess'

'Strawberry Candy'

'Todd Monroe'

'Blueberry Candy'

Name not known

Wilson seedling


'Planet Max'

'Julie Fasset'

'Frans Hals'

Just south of Daylily Junction, hydrangea 'Incrediball' combines with butterfly weed and parsley

Cleome self-sows in my summer garden.

Glad you stopped by today. My flowers were glad to see you!


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