Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fertilizer Friday - Looking for snow

Today's Fertilizer Friday. It's a chance to see what's growing in some fantastic gardens all over the world. I highly recommend you head right on over to Tootsie Time.

Recently, Ron and I went for a walk to Sleep Hollow Sports Park. (We were looking for snow.) Sleepy Hollow is a multi-functional fun park; in the winter you can ski, tube, and can even be part of the annual Polar Bear Plunge, where crazy people in swimsuits jump into the icy pond. In the spring, summer, and fall, Sleepy Hollow offers golf, miniature golf, batting cages, and a driving range. Alas, if you think that's boring...well...they also have a small vineyard and then there's the Renaissance Faire Park.

On our walk, we saw pretty dried hydrangeas:

 Along the way, we crossed Four Mile Creek, which actually traverses the golf course at Sleepy Hollow.

 Sledding on the immaculately groomed hill
The snow is all manufactured. We haven't had much snow yet this year.

 There were a number of snowboarders, mostly kids, and all having a wonderful time.

It's January in Iowa, and before we know it, it'll be spring.

 Daffodils peeking through the picket fence last spring

 Bleeding Heart

 Hellebores, above and below

 Look at the detail on those leaves. I just love being able to post extra large photos on my blog; those flowers (and tea cups) just look so much prettier. Of course, if I happen to get a slightly blurry photo, that also becomes more evident!  lol

In the past, when I tried to post extra large photos, they were cut off by my blog template. Thanks to Karen of  Valentine Design, who widened my template for me, and at a very reasonable price.

Aw...the look of things to come!

Thanks, Tootsie, for hosting Fertilizer Friday, and thanks to all of you for stopping by to visit me!



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