Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seeing White, Going Green

Have you noticed me complaining remarking about our lack of snow this year? Well, we did get almost 2" last week. A second storm later in the week passed us, while I'm seeing white, it's really not so beautiful. It's getting old, some has melted, some is not pristine white anymore. But we DO have snow.

A little snow cover on the garden

Cardinals in the bushes - brilliant color against white. Notice there are two smaller, less colorful, almost hidden birds (sparrows) in the lower left on the photo.

Winter whites from the past two winters ♥

While I don't love hate cold weather, and am petrified of driving on ice/snow, I am a very visual person. I appreciate beauty. And fresh snow cover is indeed pretty.

Going green: some scenes from the beautiful Botanical Center of Greater Des Moines

I cannot remember the name of this plant, but it surely is a stunner.

A couple of unusual orchids on the orchid wall


Colorful Coleus

Speaking of going green, have you seen the Go Green series of stamps issued by the USPS?

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  1. This has been the strangest winter EVER! We do have about 5 inches of snow now, but we're still getting up into the 30's nearly every day. What is UP with this???

  2. The snow on your raised beds looks enchanting. I think everyone is having a mild winter this year.

  3. I love fresh snow. It looks so pretty all sparkly and clean. We have no snow here in Michigan! Still cold though!

    I been meaning to tell you! I am so excited cause I actually got my orchid to bloom! Usually I just kill them. I am just so happy I feel like I have won the lotto!

  4. Beautiful cardinals and orchids Beth! Larry

  5. Hi Beth
    Gorgeous photos. I don't know how you can get so many male cardinals together at once, unless they are father and sons. Here, a male will chase another away and keep our backyard (and feeders) as his territory.
    Not much snow left here either and I'm with you about being a nervous nellie to drive in the snow or on ice.

  6. Beautiful pictures and I just love the red birds! Yes, weather has been a little strange...but always like that in Florida! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I thought the cardinal photo was fake at first. I so wish we had cardinals. I have plenty of snow. Would you like to trade?

  8. Hi there Beth,
    Your photos are always so pretty. That bush: bougainvilla (?). Love the pretty orchids too. As for those cardinals - truly stunning birds. Our sparrows look like yours too.
    Sending lotsaluv

  9. This has been a really strange winter. It was 60 degrees here in CT on Friday!

    Isn't the plant in that one picture a bougainvillea? My mom has them in her yard in L.A.

    Be safe ... we hate driving on ice, too!


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