Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preparing for the next Polk County Garden Tour

You may recall that our garden was a part of the Polk County Master Gardeners Tour last summer. This year I am participating too - but as a garden tour committee member. Below, a few reflections on the day in our garden last year...

Visitors walk the flagstone path in the cottage garden.

Master Gardener and Master Composter Bruce gave a talk on composting beside our compost bin.

Corner decor

In the triangular garden bed, the firepit looked welcoming.

Guests exploring the yard and garden

Vignette on the deck

Cup o' clematis

Double Delight thrills in the rose garden.

That's last year, but what can visitors expect at our 2012 tour? One of the garden descriptions follows:

Wander down the halls and through garden rooms while viewing garden art created by the gardener and her spouse. A unique patio features a fairy garden. The Serenity Garden includes two water features. Vertical elements include Japanese Maple trees, an expansive clematis collection, lilac trees, porcelain berry vine, five-leaved akebia, and climbing hydrangea. A large shade tree towers above perennials including hosta, epimedium, Japanese toad lilies, and heuchera. 

Part of the fun of gardening, is seeing others' garden design and translating their ideas to my space. This will be a great tour! I can hardly wait!

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