Monday, February 27, 2012

Summer Tea in the garden

Welcome to my summer garden! I thought we could have tea there.

When visiting a friend last year, I admired this cup, saucer and spoon in her garden...and she GAVE it to me!  She used an industrial strength glue to adhere the cup and spoon to the saucer, as well as a metal piece on the bottom to which a pole could be attached. Some people use these as birdfeeders.

This would be a lovely spot for tea.

Or perhaps you'd prefer the view here.

Another option: the porch swing.

This spot is FRAGRANT!  See the stargazer lilies right behind the table?

This spot is shady; it'd be cooler. It's on the patio, under the deck and by a small hosta bed.

Now that you're here, how about a little garden tour?
We'll start with a bird's eye view from the deck.

We call these the border beds. This is right out the walk-out basement door and is fenced on three sides. The cottage garden is on the other side of the fence to the east (to the right of the border beds in the photos), and the lawn, garden shed, raspberry bed and hosta farm  is to the north.

Other side of the border bed - peek over the fence for a view of the cottage garden.

When we moved to this property, there was a 16 x 32 foot above ground swimming pool here. It was surrounded by a deck and fence. We enjoyed it for several years, but as the kids grew up it just wasn't quite as much fun. We removed the pool in 2002. By 2003, we had a MAJOR weed patch here.

I began removing the weeds in 2003 and making plans for a cottage garden. Here you see the west side. You can see the fence; on the other side of the fence is my border garden. Toward the back (north) is my raspberry patch.

Close up view, same location.

Heading east. The fence you see here is our neighbor's, and the area of pine straw and a few plants was yard in the spring. We decided to expand the garden. (Actually, we've planted and expanded twice since these photos were taken in July 2010.)

Did you enjoy your bird's eye view of my garden?  I hope you'll come again soon and have a cup of tea with me. 
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  1. Good morning Beth,
    You have made my morning! Sitting here with a cup of tea and viewing your beautiful flower garden. you certainly have a green thumb! I can't wait for summer to see more of your garden. Wish I could walk around with you in the garden and have tea. Love your birds eye view!
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Beth,
    This is sheer torture to someone who just got dumped on with heavy wet snow! LOL. You are giving me spring fever for sure!

  3. What a lovely blog, Beth. Thank you for following me on my blog. We are kindred spirits!

  4. What a beautiful cottage garden! I would love to wander around there smelling the flowers...its pouring down rain here so its nice to see somewhere sunny and warm!

  5. Hi Beth,
    Oh how lovely to see your cottage garden when there is still snow on the ground here! Your garden is glorious with so many blooms and grasses! A lovely spot for a cup of tea. Thank you for sharing with Tea Time today and I wish you a delightful day, dear friend.


  6. Hi Beth,

    Your gardens are gorgeous! I'm anxious for spring to arrive. What a lovely place to sit and enjoy a cup of tea.

  7. I just adore seeing your beautiful gardens, Beth! So lovely!

    What is the name of the big white flower beside the tea set? an hibiscus or perhaps a moon flower?

    You can answer right here, in case others will want to know the answer. I will click the block to get email follow-up comments.

    you can also now have the ability to answer questions right in line beneath the comments. Susan, BNOTP, explained how. I will find you the link to the blogger page on how to do it. Its easy!


  8. Hi Beth,
    you have a wonderful garden, full of flowers. You will not imagine how much I enjoyed this flowerabundance. To have tea in this garden must be a pure delight. The tea set is stunning and mirrors all the wonderful blossoms. Thank you so much for this fun to have tea in your garden.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  9. This is about making it so you can reply to single comments on your blog, so that others can see your answers.

    Susan sort of explained how to do it here:

    Its not hard, 'cus I figured it out!

    You check, or change your feed settings, select: “Settings > Other >, and then “Full” from the “Allow Blog Feed” dropdown:

    To check your current form setting, select: “Settings > Posts and Comments, and select “Embedded” from the “Comment Location” dropdown:

    Go here for details on how to do it:

  10. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. A wonderful place to have tea. Love the teacup in the garden! Fun! Happy Tea Day!

  11. Hello Rett and other readers, Just wanted to let you know the large white blossom on the porch swing is a hibiscus. I don't recall the variety.

  12. Thank you, Beth...I thought it might be but my Mom's were NEVER that HUGE! So special looking! BRAVO!

  13. Your garden tea photos remind us what is yet to come in the colder areas of the country. A lovely glimpse of the future!

  14. That sure beats snow anytime! I am so ready to play in the dirt!

  15. Wow! What an amazing garden you have! Wish I could visit and learn from you.

  16. Hi Beth
    I can hardly wait for spring after seeing the hibiscus and flowering trees all in bloom here. It will be hard to return to snow but I know it won't be long. The family left this morning and we will on Wednesday.
    The tour around your gardens was lovely and I'd love to sit in the shade with you for tea. Gosh, your tea set is shiny!

  17. Oh, Beth, your garden is so charming! I love everything about it! I would love to join you for tea there. Happy Tea Things on Tuesday to you, my friend! Vicki

  18. Your garden is beautiful. I'm so impressed. Thank you I needed to see something besides snow.

  19. Even though it has not been a harsh it seems like such a long one. Just to see your beautiful garden gives me hope that spring is coming.


  20. Beth,
    Your garden made me smile this morning! I'm tyring to clean house as it is a dreary day but stopped to read some blogs this am. What a feast for my eyes to see your garden tea! I love the stargazers in the background..really is my favorite flower! Love the birds eye view...your stone paths are wonderful! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wonderful garden with us! Can't wait till Spring!!
    Miss Bloomers

  21. Oh dear Beth, what a beautiful garden, it does want to make me go there for tea with that beautiful silver tea set as well. Love the teacup birdfeeder. We live in Ecuador, us, hubby and me in the Andean Mountains, cold region and daughter Sofia by sea level, an hour from the main beach resort. Ecuador is a vio-diverse in climate, people's races, and so much more, although it's small. I am from Astoria-Queens, NY from Ecuadotrian background, my mother lives here now for the past 16 years, when she became a widow from my dear dad in NY. I met hubby who always lived here and now I'm happily married 37 years this month, (there's a post about it). Thank you sweet friend for your lovely comment on my daughter's new house. Hugs,

  22. Tea time...Yay! Just love your beautiful garden. Guess what? I have a similar silver teaset :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  23. Beth, I enjoyed very much taking a tour of your beautiful yard & garden! There's so much to enjoy. Thank you for sharing!

  24. your garden is amazingly peaceful. it would be very hard indeed to not want to sit there all day long!

  25. What a lovely garden! Would love to have tea there today. Quite relaxing and eye pleasing. A TReasure!

  26. Oh Beth how breath taking your photos are.The colors are gorgeous.Wonderful garden!Your tea set is glimmering in the sun.I had a tea set so similar as a wedding gift in 1977 but couldn't keep up the polishing so I sold it.Congrats on your hard work.Thank you so much for your visit.Blessings back to you Dear-Denise

  27. it all looks wonderful, so sunny and bright, its full on spring here with all the new blossoms, but i still love a good ole summer garden tea party~

  28. Ahhh....summer.....

  29. Hi Beth,

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful gardens and the teacup birdfeeder is adorable. I have seen them on pinterest and thought they are very unique and it! Viewing your gardens makes me long for spring to arrive. Hope you will visit tea time tuesday at Magnolia Cottage. Have a wonderful day!


  30. Such a beautiful garden and a wonderful, relaxing place to have tea.
    Can't wait for all things to bloom around here.

  31. Hi Beth,
    What a beautiful garden you have! Both in winter and, specially, in summer! I wish my garden looked alike!
    Thanks for the lovely tea and for your visit in my blog.

  32. Oh, Beth! If I ever have a chance to get a house with more property I'd love to make a wonderful cottage garden like yours. It is so beautiful!

  33. What a pretty cottage garden. And being able to have a lovely cuppa out in the garden is divine! Thanks for sharing.

  34. Oh, my! When we get to this time of year, I so yearn for spring to be here! Seeing posts like this really bring that longing on! Your gardens are awesome, and the tea photos are nice, too.

  35. I love the tea cup bird feeder. Beth, your garden really is such a piece of heaven and really was nice to see on a day we received snow. Joni

  36. I would love to have a spot of tea anywhere in your lovely garden!!

  37. What a lovely treat to enjoy your summer garden, especially when we're due for a "wintry mix" of rain/sleet/snow later today!

    Have a great day, Beth. :)

  38. Your garden is a breath of fresh air. It is still winter in Ontario, Canada and we so need to see flowers again. We have a lot in common...the love of cats and tea and all things tea related. How fun to see your beautiful tea set. A porch swing...that sounds wonderful. Deb=^..^=x4

  39. What a beautiful back yard. I would love to plant more flowers but with us in such a water shortage and rationing, we won't plant anything this year. We need all the water for drinking.
    Your tea is so lovely.:)

  40. Wow - your weather sure looks lovely for February! I know better....this reflection of last summer was such fun and that owl- wow!

  41. Beth,
    Your gardens are just a riot of glorious flowers and colour. You must be impatient for this year's blooming season.

  42. Oh Beth, your garden is amazing! So beautiful!I would sit there all day and just enjoy the view and the fragrance...Christine

  43. You make me wish summer was here, of course my garden will never have this much variety - way too small! I love your little tea!


  45. Beth,
    Just breath taking!!
    Your garden is spectacular!!
    I can't wait to see if everything comes back that i palnted last summer in my little cottage garden....



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