Monday, February 20, 2012

Tea Time Tuesday with Old Country Roses

I recently got a new teapot, and decided today is the day to break it in.

Perhaps you’d like to join me.

We’re going to have Boston Blend by Harney & Sons. It has  cranberries…mmm


I’ve made almond tea cake too. Help yourself to a slice.


I'm joining Bernideen for Friends Sharing Tea
Also Sandi for Tea Time Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting!



  1. Beth, your new teapot is gorgeous! I'm in love with that pattern! Your tea was wonderful, enjoyed the visit!

  2. Hi Beth,I love the Old Country Roses pattern,and I see you have a matching table cloth. Beautiful. You should visit my sweet friend Trish at Sweetology 101,she has a weekly tea party linky. She makes the most adorable cup cakes, as well as other goodies. Tell her I said "hi"! xo

  3. P.S. Beth, I forgot, I am following you on Linky. Hope you can follow me back. xo

  4. enjoying a cup of tea in a pretty cup is one of lifes greatest moments! that cake looks delish!

  5. I love almonds! Your new Old Country roses teapot is beautiful and thank you for inviting us to tea to break it in!

  6. What a sweetheart of a teapot, Beth! I love the OCR pattern and your tea is so welcoming and cozy. The cake looks good too. Thanks for joining me for tea today and have a lovely week.


  7. What a beautiful pattern! And that almond tea cake looks delicious. :)

    Have a great day, Beth!

  8. Hi Beth, Your new teapot is beautiful. I love the shape of it, different than most. The whole setting looks so inviting with the matching cups and tablecloth. Your dessert looks so yummy!
    Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog.
    I viewed your posts about Mackinac Island and enjoyed them so much. Thank you for sharing them with me. I've been there many times in the past, starting when the kids were small. I never get tired of it.
    Have a wonderful week,

  9. Hi Beth,
    that is a special day, that you break in your new tea pot. It looks so cute and I love the Old Country Rose pattern. And your cake looks so delicious. So fluffy and yummy. HMMMMMMmmmmm. Thanks for sharing.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  10. The Old Country Chintz teapot is very lovely and the tea sounds like a wonderful way use it. The almond tea cake is so pretty and is perfect with a cup of hot tea from a new teapot. Happy Tea Party! Pam

  11. Oh Beth, I love your Old Country Roses teapot!! I wish I could share a cup of tea with you & a slice of that cake.

  12. Lovely tea pot and that almond cake looks wonderful!

  13. I love Old Country Roses. And your almond tea cake looks delicious! Is the recipe available?

  14. Your Old Country Roses teapot is beautiful - this is such a pretty pattern. The Boston Blend tea sounds delicious and the almond tea cake too.

    Thanks for visiting me at Tea and Talk.

  15. Thank you very much. Everything was perfect! I appreciated the invitation.

  16. Love that teapot Beth!! So pretty and the bars look great too!
    It's actually snowing here tonight!
    We haven't had much this winter so it seems kind of odd.
    Hugs friend,

  17. Hello Beth
    I'm late for tea this week - spent the day at Busch Gardens yesterday.
    Amazing how a new teapot can lift one spirits, but then if you love tea like we do, it makes sense.
    Old Country Roses is such a traditional pattern, one to treasure so I'm happy you now have the teapot.
    Hope there is a slice of the tea cake left for me.

  18. Please come link up - this is a wonderful teapot.

  19. Beth,
    Always loved Old Country Roses... Wonder why I don't have any pieces for myself????


  20. Morning Beth,
    How are you hon???

    Love your new teapot, it is beautiful
    and now I am hungry after looking at the delightful almond tea cake.
    Yummy!! Makes me want to run to Publix now and get some Almond bear claws!! lol

    See you are getting geared up for Spring in your other post. Looks like fun...............

    Hope all is well with you hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  21. I love your teapot. Your almond tea cake looks good. Pat

  22. I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Your tablescape with OCR is lovely. I did a post last week using my OCR dishes, but I only have service for four so I'm limited to when I can use them. Your almond tea cake looks delish.

  23. What a gorgeous tea pot! I love it you have a matching table cloth! :) hm...and your almond tea cake looks just as amazing. What an enjoyable afternoon tea.


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