Thursday, October 18, 2012

Festival of Fall Beauty

Come along, enjoy these photos of autumn beauty.

 A Canadian goose on the shimmering waters of the lake

 Colorful trees in our backyard

 Pansy and alyssum (Proven Winners Lobularia 'Snow Princess')
 The red twig dogwood's stems are turning red again. They are red in the fall and winter; otherwise, gray. I think this is a stunning shrub.

 Another stunning shrub - this is one of my blueberry bushes. Productive in the summer, lovely in autumn - you can't go wrong!

 The knock-outs are still blooming.

 In preparation for winter, I pruned back the David Austin rose.

 The hosta farm is showing some deterioration after 3 freezes this fall.

Remaining leaves on my maple. This was purchased as an 'Autumn Blaze,' but the color doesn't look right to me. I wonder if it was mislabled. I still think it's color is lovely, though.
 The Black Swallowtail caterpillars were in my garden last October. I didn't see any this year at all.

 American hazelnut and callicarpa (Purple beautyberry)   I was hoping for nuts to eat, but so far there are few, and they are very small. Plus, I cannot find my nutcracker!  lol

 Last year's combination of cultivars looked great together. I'm thinking I'll go with the 'Heavenly Blue' again next year.

Lakeshore still life
Enjoy Fall, y'all!


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