Monday, October 15, 2012

Tea with goodies!

I enjoy tea with breakfast, and an additional cup or two while I read the morning paper.

If I have tea in the afternoon, I like having a nosh to accompany it.

 I'm using 'Dogwood' by Heinrich H and C. I found this lovely vintage china at a local thrift store.

 Love this floral pattern.

 The snack: Fig and chocolate cake, purchased from a specialty grocer. I had never had figs before (other than Fig Newtons), so I jumped at the opportunity to try this. It was pretty good, too.

 Today's tea is huckleberry with a splash of milk.

 I also made lemon thyme shortbread cookies. Did they ever smell good while they were baking! They taste good, too. You can find the recipe here.

"Tea is instant wisdom - just add water!" ~Astrid Alauda

This post is in honor of Landon, Connie, Lori, and Kelsey, who are fighting cancer.

I'm glad you joined me for tea today; I'm also joining Tea Time Tuesday, A Return to Loveliness, Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Friends Sharing Tea


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