Saturday, May 11, 2013

More colorful every day

What a fantastic time of year for the gardener! The clean-up has been completed, and new growth is occurring every day. The garden centers are well-stocked with tempting varieties both old and new, the orioles have returned, and every daily garden walk brings new sights of color and beauty.

 There is a lot more to see in the cottage garden. I cannot wait until it gets even lusher, as evidenced in the next three photos, which were taken last summer.

 Back to the present, this corner of the garden is quite colorful with the creeping phlox, flowering almond, and dogwood tree.

 Bright pink dogwood flowers

 The hellebores continue to bloom.

 It looks like I may have buckeyes for the first time from this tree.

 Epimedium 'Rubrum' has heart-shaped leaves edged in red,

 and tiny red and white blooms. This is my first and only epimedium. I hope to get more.

 Two primulas are blooming. The red one is either polyanthus or Danova hybrid mix.

 This is one of the Danova hybrid mix primula, sold to me last spring as an annual, but it came back.

 The Virginia bluebells love the humusy, forest-type soil I provided for them through amendments. I used to have difficulty growing them, but now they flourish.


Flowering almond

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