Thursday, September 20, 2012

Late Summer at Sunsplash Gardens

Almost Autumn...the calendar says so, the temperatures say so, the gardens say so...

 This has just begun to bloom. It's called African foxglove, and it was a gift from a friend who started it from seed. It is an annual.

 My Sweet Autumn clematis is bursting with blooms!

 I have a few foxglove that grew by self-seeding, and they are blooming.

 'Ramona' rebloomed after being cut back. Notice the little white pine? I call it my Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Truly, I'm growing it to use as a Christmas'll be a few years...I got the idea from Karen of Quarry Garden Stained Glass.

 The callicarpa is doing well.

 My toad lilies are blooming too.

 Just planted:  phlox 'Blue Paradise'

 This Danova hybrid primula bloomed again recently.

 I've been pinching back the mums (during June and July), so I'd have fall blooms. My efforts are paying off, as this one has begun to bloom and my others are full of buds.

 Hemerocallis 'Stella d'oro' continues to bloom.

 Variegated liriope - new this year

 The roses have been rejuvenated since the weather cooled off. This is 'Queen Elizabeth.'

 Obedient plant
 This fern has done wonderfully.

The hummingbirds are still around. They need lots of calories to make their trip south - consider feeding them. Here you see the honeybees enjoying the sweet nectar as well.

I am still getting lots of tomatoes, for which I, my friends, my family, and my neighbors are all grateful!

"Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes." ~Author Unknown

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