Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Look Back in Time

Recently I was looking through old photos that belonged to my mother-in-law. She passed away two years ago, and her photos are here at our house. I found some fun photos to share.

My mother-in-law, her cousin, and her brother, 1920's

Wedding Day

 A baby boy - my husband - age one month (1955)
Don't these parents look proud?

She was an outstanding and enthusiastic gardener. Here you see her beautiful heirloom rosebush which she brought back from her home state of Kansas. It was trained up the clothesline pole. In addition, you can see some lilies (not blooming yet) and rhubarb.

This photo was probably taken in the 1980's - again, in the garden. See how tall those tomato vines are on the left of the photo. The wire she is hanging onto is part of her clothesline. She used a wringer washer all of her life, and although she had a dryer, she preferred hanging her clothes out.

I've been busy with the holidays, company, and my new puppy and not blogging as much. I hope to get back on schedule in the near future.

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